Options for Performing Biceps | Kettlebell Exercises

✅Perform Superband Curls ✅15-20 Reps ✅Immediately Perform Kettle-bell Hammer Curls ✅12-15 Reps Each Side

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Options for Performing Biceps

The biceps can be inflated using various sports equipment – barbells, dumbbells and a horizontal barbell. Athletes who want to get the most effective training, use Kettlebell. Exercises with Kettlebell on the biceps differ from the rest by a greater load and a faster result with regular pumping.


Options for Performing Biceps | Kettlebell Exercises
Options for Performing Biceps | Kettlebell Exercises


Another exercise option is fitness rubber, with the help of fitness rubber you can swing your biceps, at home, on vacation, at the gym, on the street when you rest between jogging.

Exercise Biceps Lifts with Fitness Rubber

Exercise Biceps Lifts with Fitness Rubber
Exercise Biceps Lifts with Fitness Rubber


  • Put your feet on the training gum. Take it with both or one hand (palms down). Then pick up them up until you feel a burning sensation in your bicep. As soon as you reach the peak point, lower your hands to the starting position. Important: do it slowly – at least 5 seconds. The number of approaches is better to perform 4 to 15-20 repetitions.

Rise to the biceps standing Kettlebell 

Kettlebell – very specific in the performance of the exercise. Let’s look at the main differences between the dumbbells used by us and the Kettlebell. Dumbbells are much easier to select by weight, and they are easier to use, since handholds are made in a natural way for comfortable grip and wrist position during the exercise, and thanks to them you can work out all the smallest and deepest muscles. When using exercises with Kettlebell, almost the whole body is involved, hands, back, muscles of the press, legs and buttocks, since all exercises with kettlebells are based on jerks, and making them isolated exercises is more difficult.

In addition, the weight of the dumbbells is much easier to change, the weight range is quite wide, while the Kettlebell use 4 basic weights: 8 kg, 16 kg, 24 kg and 32 kg.

Rise to the biceps standing Kettlebell 
Rise to the biceps standing Kettlebell


Right Executing Rise Kettlebell on the Biceps 

  • Everything needs the right approach, and this type of training is no exception. Remember a few recommendations that will help to avoid injuries and make the training most useful and effective.
  • First, be sure to warm up before you start working with the weight.
  • Stretching your hands and shoulders well, stretch your back. It is better to warm up the muscles and run, or jump.
  • Secondly, carefully follow the technique of executing. Here it is more important than ever, as most tasks are performed in jerks, which is very dangerous for the back.

The most important principles: start with a smaller weight, depending on your overall physical fitness. If you сan do many repetitions and it will be easy for you, you can increase the weight and thereby reduce the number of times.

Lifting Kettlebell on the biceps is performed in the same way as the usual classical lifts on the biceps
  • Take the weight in both hands, hands are lowered in the along body is the initial position
  • Take a breath and start the rise Kettlebell, during the lift your hand with , make an exhalation, at the top point at the peak of the biceps, completely exhale and lower the Kettlebell to its original position, take another breath and repeat the exercise on the other hand, so alternating until the required number of repetitions

Do 4 sets of 12-15 reps for each hand, rest will be 1-1.5 minutes

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