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🚨Landmine Press Proper Form🚨

🎯Target Muscle: Upper Chest; Front Delts

🚨Landmine Press Proper Form🚨
✅ Landmine Press Proper Form

The exercise is aimed primarily at working out the top of the pectoral muscles and the anterior part of the deltoid muscles, the exercise can be performed both in a special simulator, and in a Hummer simulator

🚨Landmine Press Proper Form🚨
✅Landmine Press Proper Form

Technique of execution Landmine Press

  • Exercise is considered insulating in which the upper part of the chest muscles and the front part of the deltas are involved;
  • To perform the exercise, you will need a bar in the hamer’s simulator, equip barbell weight, kneel before the edge of the barbell, take the bar with two hands, the elbows divert are sideways, this is the starting position;
  • Start lifting the bar in front of you, with both hands, the movement should be smooth and without jerks
  • Do the required number of repetitions
🚨Landmine Press Proper Form🚨
✅ Landmine Press Proper Form
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