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🚨 The Best Trap Workouts

✅ Traps the muscles of the trapezium are located on the back and are divided into 3 functionally independent areas – the top, middle and bottom of the trapezium:

 Best Trap Workouts
✅ Best Trap Workouts


  • ✅ Top trapezium traning with shrug (with a barbell and with dumbbells, the position of the projectile in front of him, behind himself or at the sides).
  • ✅ The middle of the trapeziums are rocked directly when doing traction in the slope for back training.
  • ✅ The bottom of the trapezium trains when you lift the weight over your head (when performing shoulder presses).

In this article, we’ll talk about exercises for the development of the top trapezium, but if you want to get really massive trapezoids, you need to bomb them in all directions (up-middle-bottom), not just the top. Do you understand? …

In other words, you will also need to train back muscles and deltas (shoulders) in addition to accented exercises on the trapezium (dumbbells / dumbbells and their variations), because only in these muscle groups, there are exercises that develop the very middle and the bottom of the trapezium .

Shrug with a barbell.

Shrug with a barbell.
Shrug with a barbell.


🚨 Technique: Legs shoulder width apart.

✅ Grip width of shoulders. The chest is straightened, the deflection in the lower back. Hands are straightened and hold the bar. Tighten the trapezoid and pull your shoulders up, towards the ears. Raising your shoulders as much as possible upwards hold for a couple of seconds in this position. Then gently lower your shoulders to the starting position. The upper part of the trapezium responds well to loads and usually grows rapidly. Exercise can be performed in a Smith machine (to whom, as more convenient, experiment).

Shrug exercises

Pull Up barbell to the chin by a narrow grip!


Pull Up barbell to the chin by a narrow grip!
Pull Up barbell to the chin by a narrow grip!

✅ Technique: Take the barbell from above and stand straight. The narrower the grip, the more tensed the trapeze. In the starting position, the back is straightened and slightly bent in the lower back, the arms are straightened in the elbows, the neck touches the hips. Pull the bar vertically upwards. The barbell of the slides along the body from the hips to the chin. At the top, the elbows are above the shoulders. Then smoothly lower the rod to its original position.

✅ The main rule: the elbows should always look to the sides and climb vertically, strictly in the plane of the torso.


✅ A little structure of trapezoids and adjacent muscles!

Trap/Back Diagram
Trap/Back Diagram
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