How to Do The Best Dumbbell Press VS. Barbell Press, Tips, Benefits

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What a Difference the Best Dumbbell Press and Barbell Press

Training the pectoral muscles using the best dumbbell press and barbell press are basic exercises in bodybuilding. With the help of these exercises, we also workout the pectoral muscles and deltoid muscles, especially their anterior bundles and triceps, also muscle get a powerful.

If you add classic push-ups we also workout the abs muscles. The whole chest workout is based on basic exercises with the help of a dumbbell press and a barbell press, you will not only increase the volume of your pectoral muscles but also grow your strength muscle.

How to dumbbell press vs. chest press
What difference dumbbell press vs. chest press


Benefits of the Best Dumbbell press

When doing the dumbbell bench press, the amplitude is much deeper than when doing the barbell bench press, the elbows lower rather low the dumbbells, unlike the barbell, do not rest on the chest which means that the pectoral muscles are stretched better.

A good stretching of the pectoral muscles contributes to better muscle growth and strength progress. At the top of the dumbbell contract extremely pectoral muscles, which in combination with the initial stretching gives an excellent effect that stimulates muscle hypertrophy.

The maximum stretching and peak contraction of the chest determines the high efficiency of this exercise.

how to best dumbbell fly
how to do dumbbell fly

Dumbbell Press Technique


  • The palms should look forward. The brush should be look forward at the top and bottom of the amplitude.
  • To prepare the muscles for work, do several warm-up sets (2-3) of 12-15 repetitions in each.
  • A warm-up will allow chest muscle to stretch and contract without risk of injury.
  • Warm up is especially important if the dumbbells are the first exercises in the training program.
  • Given the large range of motion, the weight of the dumbbells should be selected with extreme caution, not exaggerating with the load.
  • The optimal number of working repetitions: 8-12.

Multipurpose Training with a Dumbbell Press

Due to the fact that we hold the dumbbells separately, the exercise, in addition to the main load on the muscles of the chest, perfectly teaches to maintain balance and balance with great weight in the hands, strengthening the small muscles stabilizers.

The triceps, deltoid muscles and forearms also receive a particularly powerful training load at this moment.

The dumbbell press can be used to eliminate muscle imbalance when, for example, the triceps of the right hand are stronger than the left.

Then the bench press with dumbbells is easier to perform than the bench press. To do this, for some time you need to do a dumbbell press only with your left hand, and in your right hand just hold the dumbbell at the lower point of amplitude to maintain body balance.

A complex for pectoral muscles, where instead of a barbell a dumbbells press is performed:


  1. Dumbbell press: 4 sets, 8-10 reps.
  2. Hammer Bench press or dumbbells bench on an incline bench head up: 3 sets, 8-10 reps.
  3. Crossovers on the upper blocks or fly dumbbells: 3 sets, 10-12 reps.
  4. Push-ups on the uneven bars: 3-4 sets, 10-12 repetitions.
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