How to Correctness of Push-up from the Floor | Videos & Guides

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How to Correctness of Push-up 

Push-up – is one of the most effective basic exercises. But to get an excellent result, it is not enough just to do many repetitions. It is important to wring out the correct and variously. We have analyzed the most common mistakes during this exercise and found 5 boring variations that will make you the strongest.

How to Correctness of Push-up from the Floor



Common mistakes with Push-up 

Mistake # 1. You raise your thighs too high
Push-ups are a very steep exercise for all the muscles of the cortex (a complex of muscles responsible for stabilizing the pelvis, hips and spine), but lifting up the buttocks and thighs, you deprive them of the main load.
Once you notice this error, strain the gluteus muscles. This will help your body take a level position.

Mistake # 2. You arch your back
When performing push-ups, it is very important that the body is a straight line from the shoulders to the heels.
Try to make it so that your pelvis is twisted (not aspired upwards), the muscles of the press are strained and, if possible, pulled to the ribs. Ideally, your lumbar should be flat.

Mistake # 3. You are putting your hands wrong
One of the most common mistakes is the setting of hands far forward, which affects negatively the shoulder joints.

To solve this problem, follow the position of the hands – they should be located strictly under the shoulders.

Mistake # 4. You have a wrong head
This happens when you keep your chin too close to your chest. To avoid this, imagine that you need a chin to hold something like grapefruit. This will help to take the correct position of the head.

Do 3-4 approaches and push up with your own weight to the maximum possible repetitions and rest 60 seconds.

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