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💥 Push-up – is one of the most effective basic exercises. But to get a great result, it’s not enough just to do a lot of repetition. It is important to push up and various. We sorted out the most frequent mistakes when doing this exercise and found 4 dull variations that will make you the strongest.

🚨 Triceps extensions 20 sec.

  • 10 seconds Rest 
Triceps extensions
Triceps extensions

🚨 Mistake number 1. You raise your hips too high

  • Push-ups – a very cool exercise for all the muscles of the cortex (a complex of muscles responsible for the stabilization of the pelvis, hips and spine), but lifting the buttocks and hips, you deprive them of the main load.
  • As soon as you notice such an error, strain your gluteal muscles. This will help your body take a level position.

Close-Hand Push up 20 sec.

  • 10 seconds Rest 
Close-Hand Push up
Close-Hand Push up

Mistake number 2. You arch your back.

  • When doing push-ups, it is very important that the body is a straight line from the shoulders to the heels.
  • Try to make your pelvis twisted (did not tend up), the abdominal muscles are tense and, if possible, pulled to the ribs. Ideally, your lumbar should be flat.


🚨 Walk Out Push Ups 20 sec.

  • 10 seconds Rest 


Walk Out Push Ups 
Walk Out Push Ups

🚨 Mistake number 3. You put your hands wrong

  • One of the most common mistakes is to set hands far forward, which has a negative effect on shoulder joints.
  • To solve this problem, watch the position of the hands – they must be placed strictly under the shoulders.


Weighted Push Ups  20 sec.

  • 10 seconds Rest 
Weighted Push Ups
Weighted Push Ups

🚨 Mistake number 4. You hold your head wrong

  • This happens when you hold your chin too close to your chest. To avoid this, imagine that you need to hold something like a grapefruit with your chin. This will help take the correct position of the head.


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