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🔥HOW TO EXECUTE Dumbbell Lateral Raise ❌WRONG VS RIGHT❎

Dumbbell lateral raise – maximum loads the get average bundles of deltoid muscles, namely they are responsible for the visual width of the shoulders – the most basic what makes the figure athletic and athletic. The exercise refers to the insulating, and forms a relief and processes the middle beam of the deltoid muscle, also secondary get included in the work jagged muscles and trapezoidal muscles.

HOW TO EXECUTE Dumbbell Lateral Raise
HOW TO EXECUTE Dumbbell Lateral Raise



Technique of execution Dumbbell lateral raise

  • Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Straighten your back, give your spine a neutral position.
  • Do not turn off your legs in the knee joints.
  • Take the dumbbells in the arms, which are freely lowered along the body.
  • Recommendations for implementation

Recommendations for executing Dumbbell lateral raise

  • Do not use force of inertia. Maintain a natural curve of the waist. Movements should be slow and controlled;
  • Straighten the chest and shoulders, the body is slightly tilted forward, the arms are in front of you. Try to bring the shoulder blades together by activating the anterior dentate muscle;
  • If you take a lot of weight, but at the same time bend your hands in the elbow joints, then by distorting the technique, minimize the load on the average bundle of deltoid muscles. Because of the bent hands, the lever is shortened, which negates the effect of the added load;
  • When lifting dumbbells, take a breath.
HOW TO EXECUTE Dumbbell Lateral Raise ❌WRONG
HOW TO EXECUTE Dumbbell Lateral Raise ❌WRONG


Recommendations for doing the exercise Dumbbell lateral raise

  1. In order to maximally load the average bundles of deltoid muscles, lift dumbbell slightly above the level of your shoulders – at this point the peak of muscle contraction falls on them.
  2. Keep your back straight, do not lean too far forward, otherwise you may lose your balance, and to avoid this, you will begin to help your whole body.
  3. If you have difficulty in mastering the technique of the exercise, try working in a special block simulator that mimics this exercise.
  4. Do it after the basic, basic training of the shoulders with heavy dumbbells or a barbell, supplementing with other insulating exercises for delt-lifting dumbbells in front of you and in the slope.


HOW TO EXECUTE Dumbbell Lateral Raise ❎RIGHT
HOW TO EXECUTE Dumbbell Lateral Raise ❎RIGHT
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