How to upper chest growth | Guide & Tips

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upper chest

Despite the fact that visually the pectoral muscles are represented by only one large pectoral muscle, it is still customary to separate the training of the upper and lower chest. In our last article, we considered the best exercises for the lower chest area, today we will analyze the best, in my opinion, basic and isolating exercises for pumping the top of the chest.

As in the case of the lower chest, in order to shift the emphasis of the load on the upper region, in most cases, simply change the angle of the bench.

The best basic exercises for the upper pectoral muscle

  1. Bench press lying in an incline (head up)
  2. Dumbbell bench press (head up)
  3. The best isolated exercises for the upper pectoral muscle
  • Breeding dumbbells lying in an incline (head up)
  • Crossovers on the lower blocks
  • In bodybuilding, there are also many other exercises for the top of the chest, but the ones listed above are, in my opinion, the most effective and targeted.

How to use these exercises?

Replace your usual movements for breast training with the above exercises and perform them for 6-8 weeks. If you doubt the correctness of your training program, I recommend that you pay attention to the ready-made “Complex for training the upper chest muscles.”

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