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🔥Lat & Back Exercises


🚨 Lat & Back Exercises

✅ Training back can be really tricky. If you want a thick and wide back, how you obtain these two qualities isn’t necessarily the same. Let’s separate what works best for each and then add a combo option as well.

Lat & Back Exercises
Lat & Back Exercises

✅ For width: Most vertical pulling movements (weighted pull-ups with a neutral grip) are what you’re looking for to obtain a wide look. Here’s the trick – focus on both ends of the movement. Focus on both the stretch at the bottom and the peak contraction at the top, rather than just going through the motions. The stretch is invaluable in this particular group of exercises.

✅ For thickness and density: Do rack deadlifts just over the knee with snatch grip; bentover barbell rows with various grips and widths; and old school T-bar rows. Combine these exercises in a giant set, and for a third exercise add a flushing exercise at the end like pullovers.

Get Wide Back Exercise
Get Wide Back Exercise

✅ Important note:
Your back is made up of many important muscles, not just your latissimus dorsi (lats) and rear delts. Your lower traps are important for proper movement and overall health, so be sure to strength train them just like any other muscle

Back Exercises Guide
✅ Back Exercises Guide

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