Swinging the buttocks at home

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Hot three exercises for the buttocks!

The following training contains the most effective exercises for the buttocks. They are perfect for both women and men who want to make their bodies perfect.

It is very important to warm up before exercise. Spend 5 minutes on active running in place, jumping, turning the body and swinging your hands. These simple movements will not only warm up the muscles, but also prepare the body for the upcoming load.

After that, you can start the exercises for the buttocks at home.

1. Standing on elbows and knees – heel to the ceiling

The first exercise is performed on the floor. Lay the mat and stand on your knees, put your hands in front of you on the floor.

  1. Lower your elbows to the floor and tighten your belly. In this position, the pelvis is slightly above the shoulders.
  2. Exhale and raise your right leg up as high as you can, reach for the heel to the ceiling. On inhalation slowly return to the starting position. Make sure that the waist and back do not bend down. The body must remain perfectly even.
  3. Do 30 repetitions with your right foot. Rest and repeat the exercise with your left foot.

Swinging the buttocks at home

Raise your leg as much as possible, as if you want to press the heel with the ceiling. After practicing a couple of times you will realize that doing exercises for the buttocks at home is not at all more difficult than in the gym. The most important thing is to follow the technique and not be lazy.


2. Squats, feet are deployed diagonally

To begin, perform a series of sit-ups. These are the simplest, but very intense movements. In particular, if you are doing this exercise, using an additional load. This version of sit-ups, where the feet are slightly wider than the shoulders and socks are deployed to the sides by 45 degrees, perfectly strengthens the buttocks, stabilizers of the spine, abdominal muscles and back.

  • Place your feet on the width of your shoulders, turn your socks aside, and cross your arms on your chest or pull them forward.
  • On exhalation, sit down so that the thighs are parallel to the floor. At the inspiration rise.
  • Try to keep your back as flat as possible throughout the exercise.
  • Do 30 sit-ups.

 Squats, feet are deployed diagonally

3. Hip to the side lying down

The next movement is a classic mahi, allowing you to work out the outer lateral surface of the thighs. This is the most effective exercise for tightening the buttocks and thighs in this area. But for it to give a good result, you need to closely monitor the technique of its implementation.

  1. Lay down on your right side. Slightly tear off the body from the floor, bending the right arm at the elbow and fixing the head on it.
  2. On exhalation, raise your left leg up. On inspiration, lower it down, but do not touch the other leg. Continue to exercise until a strong burning sensation in the muscles. Try to do 25 repetitions.
  3. Turn to the other side and repeat

We make a sweep with a straight leg until the burning sensation in the muscles arises.

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