Warming-up the upper-body with Hip Band

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With a simple Hip Band you can stretch the whole body well

Warming-up the upper-body


Elastic Hip Band is found in almost every gym. If you prefer to study at home, you can buy it at a sports equipment store. It is worth a 10$

Hip Band vary in thickness and load size. The thicker the band, the harder it will be to do the exercises. As a rule, the color of the band depends on the load. For example, green corresponds to 34-45 kg.

The elastic force of the Hip Band allows you to stretch the body smoothly and calmly, without jerking. And due to different thicknesses of rubber bands, you can achieve effective stretching without much effort. I mean, you do not have to press, lean, or hold the weight of the body on your hands.

Shoulder Stretching with Hip Band

This exercise helps stretch the muscles of the shoulders and increase the mobility of the shoulder joints. In principle, you can do it with a stick or a towel, but with a hip band is more convenient.


Grasp the tape so that the distance between the hands is slightly wider than the shoulders, and move the straight arms back, and then back, forward. When your arms are over your head, lift your shoulders before moving them back. It will be easier.`

The closer your hands are on the elastic band, the better.

Options for working with Hip Band

Options for working with Hip Band
Options for working with Hip Band
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