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How correct a make jerk the barbell.

How correct a make jerk the a barbell.

The clean & Jerk – are classic exercises performed at the weightlifting competitions.

They require not only physical strength, but also a high level of coordination. When working with large weights, a clear understanding of the physics of movements and working out the right technique becomes the main component of success. Both the jerk of the bar and its jerk are complex multi-unit exercises. Each phase of the movement of the bar during their implementation has its own value. This is done for the convenience and the best understanding of the physics of motion. Consider these phases further.

The phases of jerk and push:

The jerk and taking the bar on the chest for a subsequent push (not the jerk itself) have a similar execution technique. Therefore, they can be considered together. These two elements include the following phases:

  • The start – is the starting position of the athlete from which he starts moving.
  • Push – detachment of the projectile from the floor and its raising to a level above the knees.
  • Undermining – giving the projectile a sharp acceleration upward.
  • Squat (care) – “dive” under the bar and its fixation on the outstretched hands (or on the chest for a push).
  • Raising from the squat – the athlete rises with a barbell.
  • Fixation – is the end of the movement.
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