Intense Shoulder Workout Routine, Benefits | Training Program

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Intense Shoulder Workout Routine

Consider options for Intense Shoulder Workout Routine

Intense Shoulder Workout



It is they who are of more interest to us. Located on the upper part of the shoulder. A kind of muscular shoulder pads that protect the shoulder joint. In the sports world, they are usually divided into 3 heads (muscle bundles).

  1. Front Bundles – It is responsible for raising the arms in front of you (bending the shoulder) and its rotation inward. And also involved in horizontal adduction of the arm, along with the pectoral muscles.
  2. Medium Bundles – Its main function, raising the hand through the sides up (the remaining delts heads, also take an indirect part in this). It is she who is responsible for the width of the shoulder. But this does not mean that we will focus all efforts on its pumped.
  3. The Rear Bundles – The pumped of this part of the shoulder is practically not trained by athletes (professionals do not count). She is an antagonist for the font shoulder muscle. Namely, the extension of the shoulder and its horizontal abduction.
    This muscle performs various movements.

Tips Intense Shoulder Workout

Warm-up at the beginning of the exercise

This is a very important point, especially if things concern the shoulders. This area is most susceptible to injury. Therefore, before proceeding with her training, it is worth taking the time to warm up. This may include: circular rotation of the hands, ups arm, and down.

Our main task is to warm up the deltoid muscles. This will make them elastic and the joints more mobile. And of course, it will improve blood circulation. Also, a few stretching exercises should be included in the warm-up.

At the end of your workout, stretch your muscles. Thanks to them, our body will gradually switch to normal operation. And stretching reduces muscle pain during their recovery.

Benefits of pumping shoulders

The muscles of the shoulders are called “deltoid muscles” and consist of 3 muscle bundle – front, middle, and rear. Pumping all the parts of the deltoid muscle will make your shoulders spherical and impressively large.

However, you should not immediately begin to pump each muscle with isolation exercises. At the initial stage of your workout, you need to load a lot of all 3 muscle bundles in one workout. In the future, you can use specialized intense shoulder workout programs to workout and separate muscle of the shoulder on the different workouts.

Shoulder intense exercises


The amount of training should be minimal

And this is very important. Deltas are very small muscles that work in any exercise. Unless of course, we are talking not about leg training. But even there you can find exercises where the deltoid receives a static load. And if we begin to train delts in the gym and doing 5-6 exercises on the one muscle, already tired shoulders that have not yet been restored, then the level of cortisol will begin to reverse the effect, the muscles will be destroyed.

Perform each approach in the average range of repetitions

The first warm-up reps are recommended for 20-25 reps with a weight of 50-70% of the maximum (this is an approach that you can perform just once).

There is another option, do a small number of repetitions, about 6-10 repetitions in the approach, and take a fairly large weight.

Alternate these training options, use one option in the first week, and the second in the second week. Executing the exercises about 10-15 times.

So we will adhere to the average standards of the time, stand the muscles under load. This is approximately 30-40 seconds.

With this implementation, muscle growth is ensured. And of course, working in this range of repetitions, you can work out the technique of execution and not be afraid to overload the shoulder joint.

The Best Shoulder Workout Routine

We have already decided that in the training of shoulders all emphasis will be placed on the pumped. Therefore, the Intense Shoulder Workout below is intended solely for their training.

Army press

Army press workout
How to Do Army press workout

Army press is the most common intense shoulder workout. He immediately uses 3 bundles of deltoid. But the main load goes to the front and middle bundle muscle. Performing an army press while standing is more basic. Since not only the deltoid, but also the muscles of the core (abs).

This option is perfect for both beginners and professional athletes.

Dumbbell Shoulder press 

Like the barbell, dumbbells are also one of the main attributes of the gym. Dumbbell press exercise is very similar to the army press, there are significant differences.

Dumbbell Press Workout
How to Do Dumbbell Press


In dumbbells, the amplitude of movement will be much greater than when training with a barbell.

  • Secondly, each delta (left and right) will work independently of each other. Which will help eliminate the imbalance in grow. This is useful for those athletes in whom one of the shoulder dominates development.
  • Thirdly, to control the dumbbells relative to each other, a large number of stabilizer muscles are included in the work.
  • Otherwise, the execution technique is similar to an army press. A large load will be on the front and middle deltas.

The weight of the dumbbells will be much less than when working with a barbell. But due to the large amplitude, the load on the muscles will remain the same. Or maybe even increase. These exercises can be alternated.

Performing a dumbbell bench press on one workout and a barbell on the other.

Dumbbell Fly

Intense Shoulder Workout - Dumbbell Fly
Ho to Do Dumbbell Fly

This exercise is isolated. With it, you can perfectly work out the middle delta. I think many of you have noticed that this shoulder bundle is involved in all of the above exercises. Therefore, this exercise can be done at the end of the workout. The main thing is not to take heavy weights so as not to be injured.

It is important to follow the correct technique. Since the shoulder joint is easy to injure. We can perform dumbbell fly while standing, sitting, and with each hand in turn.

It is better to alternate these exercises at least once a month. So you will make your workouts not so monotonous.

Weight Training Program for Shoulders on a Week

The right intense shoulder workout program for the gain mass.

  1. Effective weight training should be high-intensity, i.e. heavy, and be performed with a large working weight and an average number of repetitions;
  2. Training should include 1-2 basic and 1-2 isolated exercises;
  3. Basic exercises are performed with a maximum working weight of 3 sets of 6-8 reps;
  4. Isolated exercises are performed with a small working weight, perfect technique and in the amount of 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions;
  5. At the end of the workout, stretching the working muscles follows;
  6. After the end of the workout, protein + creatine should be taken.
Army Press 3 6
Dumbbell press sitting 3 8
Flys dumbbells in Sides 3 12
Flys dumbbells in Sides on the Slope 3 15
Training for beginners after 3 months


Three months later, you can slightly modify your training. To do this, separate the body into muscle groups.

We are talking about: chest, back, legs, shoulders, and arms (biceps, triceps). It is usually recommended that you exercise three times a week. For example, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, all other days off. Or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Choose a schedule that is more suitable for you.

1. First day

  • 5-10 minutes difference;
  • Exercises for chest. Somewhere 2-3 workout;
  • Bench press standing 1 warm-up and 3 workers, 12-15 reps;
  • 2 Biceps exercises;
  • Soothing exercises 5-10 minutes.

2. Second day

  • Warm-up 5-10 minutes;
  • Exercises for the back 2-3 workout;
  • The pull of the bar to the chin 1 warm-up and 3 workers, 12-15 reps;
  • Triceps Exercises 1-2Cardio exercises 5-10 minutes.

3. The third day

  • Warm-up 5-10 minutes;
  • 3-4 leg exercises;
  • Shrugs for the grow of the traps;
  • Dumbbells fly, 1 warm-up and 3 workers, for 12-15 repetitions;
  • Cardio exercises 5-10 minutes.
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