Saturday, March 23, 2019
Delicate dill pancakes served Scandinavian style with thin slices of cured salmon and soured cream - the perfect lazy morning brunch

Chicken, rice, vegetables

Muscles can not only be attractive but also very healthy. Therefore, their structure must always be a combination of physical training and optimal diet. The following schedule is intended to provide an insight into an exemplary diet for muscle growth. It contains a balanced protein-carbohydrate ratio and low fat. Basically, as long as...

Almonds nutrition

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Meal Prep

Meal Prep doesn’t have to be hard and complicated! This is Super simple and looks so yummy! 😍😍 love this
Creamy Garlic Parmesan Brussels Sprouts! Add yourself this pic recipe and use !
Baked Honey Mustard Chicken Breast with a Touch of Lemon ~ 2 chicken breasts 1 tbsp dijon mustard 1 tbsp wholegrain mustard 1 tbsp honey salt and pepper to taste 1/4 tsp paprika juice from 1/2 lemon 1/2 tbsp oil (or butter) broccoli spears to serve Instructions Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius (400 degrees Fahrenheit). Grease an oven-proof dish...


One arm push ups

One arm push ups

Success story photos

Success story photos

💪How to Pull Up