5 Easy Ways Resistance Band Shoulder Exercises: Routine, Tips, Benefits


5 Easy Ways Resistance Band Shoulder Exercises

Often you can hear that you can pump up shoulders only in the gym using a barbell or dumbbells, this is not so, we have prepared 5 best resistance band shoulder workout. Only You needed to plan your workouts correctly. We tell you how to do it and show the most effective exercises.

How to Do 5 Best Resistance Band Shoulder Exercises
How to 5 Bands Shoulder Workout

Consider the 5 Best Workout to perform at Home with Resistance Band:

  1. Upright Band Row
  2. Lateral Band Raise
  3. Bant-Over Rear Lateral Raise
  4. Front Raise Face Pull
  5. Shoulder Band Press

How to Do:

  • Sets: 4;
  • Reps: 12;
  • Rest Time: 90 sec;



  1. 5 Easy Ways Shoulder Exercises with Resistance Band
  2. What is Resistance Band?
  3. How to Build your Training with Resistance Band?
  4. Types of resistance band

5. Conclusion


Why do you need a Resistance Band with a Shoulder Exercises?

Resistance band – this sports equipment is the most compact and lightweight and consists of resistance bands that have different colors and different resistance forces. Stretching, it creates resistance, which increases the load on the muscles when performing exercises. “The effectiveness of the strength band is comparable with standard strength training dumbbell or barbell. But much here will depend on the preparedness of the person and the program of classes. Using the bands, you can increase the volume of muscle mass under two conditions:

  • Proper Nutrition;
  • Regularity Training.

How to Build your Training Shoulder with Resistance Band?

  1. Start by warming up.
  2. Vary the number of repetitions and approaches depending on your goals. “If you want to gain muscle mass or keep it in shape, do all the exercises in 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps.
  3. If you need to develop muscle endurance, build a workout on the principle of a circle workout: perform each exercise for 30-40 seconds, then move on to the next without rest.
  4. After completing the circle workout, rest a minute and start all over again. It’s best to do 3-4 circles in one workout. ”
  5. Executed this program workout 2-3 times a week.
  6. If possible, combine training under this program with work on the lower body – for example exercises for the legs.
  7. Finish your workout with stretching.

Types of Resistance Band for Shoulder Exercises and how to choose it

The result of training with a fitness rubber is largely dependent on technology. There are a lot of varieties of band, one of the key factors in selecting inventory is the degree of stretching of the bands. For beginners it is better to choose less rigid, and more experienced athletes – more rigid. Before you acquire fitness tape, you should decide on the goals of training and the degree of physical fitness. To pump certain muscle groups, you can buy special bands with handles.
For complex training, it is better to purchase universal rubber (long resistance bands). ”

The best option is to buy several types of bands of varying degrees of resistance. What for?
For training buttocks or for pull-ups on the horizontal bar, bands with greater resistance are needed than for pumping the arms ”

For Choosing a fitness rubber, you need to try to perform several exercises. How to choose a fitness tape: in no case do not come to the store after physical exertion, strength training when will you check resistance band. After them, ideally, 2-3 days should pass. Otherwise, you can make a mistake and bye a “lite strength” rubber band.

It is recommended to pay attention to the quality of the product – it should not have irregularities, stretched sections. After stretching, the resistance band should instantly assume its original state.

1. Upright Resistance Band Row

how to band upright row
how to do bands upright row exercises

How to Technical Executing

  • Raise your hands together a rubber to the level of your belt, while the angle of the forearms and elbows should be 90 degrees. This is your starting position.
  • Start hands up with your arms while stretching the rubber to the bottom of your chest.
  • Hold this position for 1 second. and lower your hands to the starting position
  • Perform 4 sets of 10-15 reps

2. Lateral Bands Raise


How to Band Lateral Raise
How to Do Band Lateral Raise

How to Technical Executing:

  • Start to stretch the bands of resistance on the sides, raising your arms should be smooth and without jerky, when your hands are at a level with your shoulders, pause for 1-2 seconds. and return your hands to the starting position.
  • Perform 4 sets of 4-15 reps

See also how to do lateral raise with a Dumbbell Fly.

3. Bent-Over Rear Lateral Raise

How to Bent-over rear lateral raise
How to Do Bent-over rear lateral raise

How to Technical Executing:

  • Lower your hands down and hold the fitness tape from this position, we will perform the exercise, this is your starting position.
  • Start stretching the tapes to the sides to shoulder level, lock your hands in this position for 1 second. and lower to the starting position
  • Perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions

4. Front Raise Face Pull

Band Front Raise
How to Do Band Front Raise

How to Technical Executing

  1. Start raising your arms in front of you to shoulder level, at the top point, pause for 1-2 seconds, and return your arms to the starting position.
  2. Perform 4 sets for 10-15 reps.

5. Shoulder Band Press

How to Band shoulder press
How to Do Band shoulder press exercises

How to Technical Executing

  • Take and hold the band behind your back and hold it by the handles, raise your hands to shoulder level, this will be your starting position.
  • Start stretching elastic bands with your arms above your head, hold your hands at the top point for 1-2 seconds. And return your arms to their start position.
  • Perform 4 sets for 10-15 reps.

Exercise on this program regularly to get tangible results and strengthen your muscles. Over time, the load needs to be gradually increased: use stronger strength band.


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