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Back Exercises – Attack Huge Back

How to pump your back. Training program for back


As you understand, the training program is a very individual thing, especially when we talk about how to pump the muscles of the back, because this is a very large muscle group.

Attack Huge Back
Attack Huge Back



I want you to understand that almost any program will work at a certain time and on a certain person. I can only give a training program, which is suitable for most beginners.

Rules for drawing up a training program for the back:

  • UPPER + LOWER CURL (to develop muscles in width and thickness).
  • HEAVY WEIGHT (for 6-12 repetitions + progression of the load).

So, the very first complex for a beginner will look like this (COMPLEX # 1):

  1. Overhand Rows: 1-2 warm-up. approach + 3-4 approaches x 6-12 repetitions.
  2. Thrust of the upper block: 1-2 warm-up. approach + 3-4 approaches x 6-12 repetitions.

The next option for a beginner (COMPLEX №2):


  1. Pull-up: 4 sets of x 6-12 repetitions.
  2. Overhand Rows:1-2 warm-up. approach + 4 approaches x 6-12 repetitions.
  3. Deadlift: 2 warm-up. approach + 3 approaches x 6-12 repetitions.

For the first month of training, these 2 sets of exercises will be enough for the back to get stronger and ready for more massive workouts and isolated exercises

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