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Exercises for Huge Back

Back – is the second largest muscle group (after the legs). That’s why it’s very important to know how to train your back correctly. There are a number of very important points, without which it will not be possible to develop a powerful back.

exercises for huge back
Exercises for Huge Back | Training Programs


The best exercises for the muscles of the back

As we already understood from anatomy, the back is not a single muscle, but a whole group consisting of different muscles. Some muscles are bigger, others are smaller. This is some complexity, because if we maximize the development of large muscles, they will “steal” the load of small ones, and this will not allow us to achieve maximum results.

I’ll tell you more about this, but a little later. And now I want to note which back muscles particularly affect our athletic appearance.

  • The widest back muscles (“wings”).
  • Trapezius muscle (“trapezium”).
  • Extensors of the back.
  • Battlements muscles.

Now it will be very easy for us to choose exercises for training the muscles of the back. We’r know which muscles are most important for us. So, let’s look at the best exercises for back development.


The widest back muscles (“wings”)

Сonsider one exercise in detail One-Arm Crossover:

Exercise “One-Arm Crossover”

One-hand traction of the lower block in an crossover is an isolated exercise that helps to achieve excellent results in the development of back muscles with minimal risk of injury.


The lower thrust in the crossover involves the muscles in the work:

The main group: the broadest muscles of the back, shoulder and round muscles.
Additionally, the work includes: biceps, long triceps head, trapezoid, rear deltas.
Antagonist muscles are the anterior deltoid, pectoral, and triceps.

Execution technique One-Arm Crossover

One-handed pulling at a block refers to exercises of medium difficulty. A step-by-step execution technique is as follows:


Starting position:

  1. Attach the handle to the cable with a low pull.
  2. Grasp the handle with your left palm (the palm of the working hand is pointing down) and fully straighten the hand.
  3. Take 1-2 steps back 30-60 cm (one leg in front) the weight does don’t touch on the reck crossover.
  4. Body tilt forward (45 ° angle), and bend knees. The back remains straight all the time, the right hand holds the handle of the simulator.
  5. Pull your hand with the block to the belt. When the elbow moves upward perpendicular to the back, you should feel the target muscles work.
  6. Continue moving with your hand until the handle of the block is at chest level.
  7. Hold on to the peak position and return to the very beginning

In the picture version, it looks like this:

One-Arm Crossover

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