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How to Romanian DeadLift | Guide & Video


🔥 Romanian DeadLift

🔥Romanian DeadLift
🔥Romanian DeadLift

Romanian DeadLift or lifting – is an exercise aimed at pumping the upper surface of the hamstrings, providing an aesthetic ligament to the muscles of the buttocks, it should not be confused with a deadlift that is performed on straight legs.

🔥Romanian DeadLift
🔥Romanian DeadLift

Exercise very well loads the hamstrings and all of its back surface. Therefore, the target group includes the following muscles of the back of the thigh:

  • Biceps or hamstrings, which is located on the outer side;
  • Semitendinous thigh muscle, which is located on the inner side;
  • The semimembranous muscle of the thigh, which is located on the inner side and is
  • Covered with a semitendinous muscle.

All the above muscles in the performance of Romanian traction participate in the extension of the hip joint, namely, remove the torso from the hip and lift it from the slope.

🔥Romanian DeadLift
🔥Romanian DeadLift


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