Glutes and Hamstrings | Guide


💥 Muscles of the legs (back view) – Glutes and hamstrings

Glutes and hamstrings
🔥 Glutes and hamstrings

🍑 First of all the Glutes or as its better know the bootay. There are actually 3 muscles in the glutes, one of which is not visible on the diagram.

1️⃣ Gluteus maximus (the most visible).
2️⃣ Gluteus medius (slightly higher and underneath maximus).
3️⃣ Gluteus minimus (underneath the medius).

🚶🏻‍♀️The glutes play a role in a huge amount of daily movements. Working together they move the thigh in different directions. They affect your ability to sit and stand, walk up the stairs and even walk up a hill. They are also pretty useful to sit on to!


🎯 The hamstrings are best worked through performing the following exercises:

☑️ Deadlifts
☑️ Romanian deadlifts
☑️ Glute-ham raise
☑️ Hamstring curls

Deadlifts Stretches
Deadlifts Stretches

📚 Know your anatomy and you will know how to set yourself up for better results. Give these exercises a go if they aren’t in your training routine already!

🔥 Romanian deadlift

Romanian deadlift
Romanian deadlift

🔥 Glute – Ham Raise

Glute - Ham Raise
Glute – Ham Raise

🔥 Leg Curls

Leg Curls
Leg Curls


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